By the clocks of Neverwinter we will see our city restored.

Once known as “the city of skilled hands,” Neverwinter was the home to famous craftsman guilds and lucrative trade. The fire elementals which inhabit the nearby volcano keep the river, and therefore the city, warmer than the frigid climate would normally allow. Neverwinter flaunted this feature with impressive architecture and sprawling gardens. “By the clocks of Neverwinter” became a common oath throughout the realm because of the steadfast reliability of the city’s fine craftsmanship. But Neverwinter has been the fool of Beshaba, goddess of misfortune, for over a century. The warm river proved to be a double edged sword during The Spellplague, when the volcano erupted, destroying most of the city, while many other catastrophes plagued its surviving inhabitants. But the city is on the mend under the guidance of Dagult Neverember. Now the citizens of Neverwinter use this oath to express their determination to see their city restored to greatness once more.

Out of the Ashes - EC

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