Out of the Ashes - EC

Chapter 1: False identities and Manipulation

In our first adventure in Neverwinter, city guards arrested Carstina Foechuckle (Charles) on trumped up charges with her estranged cousin Schmendrick (Wangle) by association. Simultaneously Oyster (Martin) was arrested for vagrancy in the local park. He had spent two months evangelizing for the earth mother in the city, annoying many citizens and people of power.

When brought before Lord Neverember they were given a choice, go to jail or help a priestess of Llira – goddess of joy (who clearly has an intimate relationship with the lord protector), find an ancient relic which she hoped to recover.

The party chose to help the seemingly bubble-headed Bunny with her quest. After braving the Neverwinter forest and its dangers (setting fire to some awakened shrubs) they defeated goblin bandits at the ruins rumored to hold the Orb of Llira. (LEER-AH)

However once they entered the ruin it became clear that the ruin itself bore the symbols of the Goddess Leira (LAIR-UH) instead. She is the goddess of deception. Schmendrick and Foechuckle confronted Bunny who admitted that Bunny is a persona she uses in Neverwinter to achieve her ends. Her intention was to recover a necklace (a relic of the Goddess Leira.) Secondarily she saw an opportunity to test Foechuckle as she had heard of her exceptional abilities. She was also pleasantly surprised by the abilities of the others. She offered all of the other spoils and treasures to the party in exchange for her possession of the artifact (which according to her would only be valuable to a devotee of Leira) and future opportunities for work within her network. She also explained that she had no part in their arrest but used her influence with Neverember to remove them from jail.

Foechuckle accepted with continued suspicion, she appears to be very angry about her unjustified arrest. Schmendrick, filled with greed, tried to take the artifact before Bunny, but relented when it was clear he might regret this action. Oyster flipped out, pulled a bow on Bunny, and missed. She bashed him on the side of the head with the flat part of an axe and he fled into a nearby tree, pouting.

Bunny placed the artifact (a triangular pendant of plain silver with a spiral on it) around her neck. Nothing happened. She appeared to be satisfied.

The characters gained 300 XP bringing them to level 2. They also received 15 gold per person and 5 emeralds. They return home to Neverwinter.

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